Halloween Party

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, I went to Halloween party yesterday, at campus ISTP Medan (Pardede Hall). I never go to events like this before, because there's no event in my hometown. But I heard in Medan, there are some parties on Halloween Day.

My costume was:
'The madame of soothsayer'

I went there with Indah and Ary. First, we planned to go there by taxi, but finally we went there by Betor (Becak motor)! So silly! We also late for 1,5 hours. The event started on 6 pm, but we arrived there 19.40. Hhahaa, crazy! There are also Janet, Pheity, Mega, and Henny.

Indah, Ary, and Me

We visited Ghost House. Wow, it's scary me! Oke, I know that they're peoples, but their make up are very real and scary. They make alleys, and at every bends there's a ghost! Pocong, kuntilanak, suster ngesot, tuyul, bloody person, huahhh!
After that, we saw the performance of pansies on the stage. And do you know what? I was told to the forward, to dancing with them! Many peoples looked at me, and they claps for me. Hhahaha, shame on me!  But I got the cute goodie bag, contained snacks.

 The bag didn't match with the contents! It's look like the shopping bag.

I think it's not really Halloween. Some peoples just wear the black clothes, not really the costume. I feel excited own with the costume, a little bit weird. Hahhaa, but I didn't care!

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