When I can go home?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I don’t know whether I should be happy or not with the last holiday, it was a very short holiday! Actually I like to go to campus, but we need more holidays to take a rest, to gathering with our families, to meet our high school friends, and to celebrate The Ied Day. Oh ya although it’s a little bit late, I want to convey Happy Ied for everyone who celebrate it! Minal Aidin ya. Give me the cakes yaaa! Hahaa.

Previously, I thought that I didn’t go anywhere. But suddenly I find the promo ticket to Jakarta when I was browsing! So, I booked it quickly. Went to Jakarta, go to my Grandma’s home again and again (well, Jakarta become my destination when I got the holiday. Always! And it happened again! So boring!) Although for 3 days only, but at least, I met my families!

There, we just went to mall and mall (yah, kalo itu sih di Medan jg banyak! Ngapain lah jauh2 ke Jakarta kalo cuma ke mall doang?). Luckyly, my sister and I went to Dufan in the 2nd day. Just two of us! Predictable that was very crowded because of the holiday! So, we just play a few games, and took the photos more. Heheee!

I went back to Medan earlier than they went to Lampung. I remember the time when I left my home 2 months ago. When I got the notification that I passed the university in USU, and I decided to accept it. I packed my suitcase in a hurry, and left my home quickly also! There was no time to say good bye with my home, with my pillow and bolster. And it was very surprised me, at the same time it makes me homesick! Because I never imagine to continue my study here before, Medan. And sadly, I’m just going to go home until the end of this year. Huahhh, it’s still very long!

---->>> I miss the KMB's Gathering Day in Brastagi today, because of practicum. Again, I miss my opportunity to go to Brastagi!

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