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Sunday, September 26, 2010

There’s fun walk today, and I decided to join it although the rain this morning. And more importantly, I’ve appointment with my friend to pick her up.

The event is High School Festival (HSF) 2010 in parking lot of Deli Plaza, should be start on 6 am. But I woke up on 6.30! Huahh, it’s too late. I washed my face and capcuss directly to pick Ary up.

The HSF's Poster

We got their T-shirt! Cool.

Yess, we (me and Ary) were late successfully! All the participants are already started walking, even we met them in the street! So shame, because the committees were look at us! Good.
But finally we found the shortcut way to overtake them. Hahhaa.

The name is ‘FUN WALK’, but I didn’t feel anything that ’FUN’ there. Hmmph I know, because of the event is for the High School students. And we are not! Hahaha. They had the modern dance and tee design competition too. But I’m not interested at all. So, we went home earlier. At least, I feel the ‘fun walk’ that I never felt before. Hahhaa, when in Lampung, I never join the event like this.

We also met Alfina and Winda there (from FKG)!
We took the photos together.

Fina, Me, Ary, and Winda

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