What a wrong size!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tomorrow already started for block exam! Even I haven’t prepare anything yet, but instead to blogging. Huahh, I'm crazy!

I will tell you, that yesterday I’ve received my lab coat. It's for practicum in the laboratory, and they said it would be use until we co-ass. But it’s very very big, you know! It’s wrong to choose the L size, I should choose the S one.

 I look like wearing my dad's coat!
Ehh by the way, am I fit enough to be a dentist?

I like the logo!

We were also given 2 dusters. But I wonder it's for what ya? Really useful?

Maybe for napkin when dinner time?
Swab the floor? Or wiping snot? Hhahaa!

Okee, after this I'll study to prepare the test tomorrow. Although I don't know what should I learn? Wish me luck!

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