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Friday, August 27, 2010

I realized that fanatism is not good. So, I tried to blend in with the others.

Today, I attending PMB for Christian in Gema. Yah, maybe for some people, I looked like didn’t have identity. Huahh, how important the identity for you? I believe that identity can be built by improvement, by faith. I’m buddhist, and I’m so proud of it. But it’s my way to enjoy the life, to socializing with another fellowship, and I like to attending the events.

Like Santi said,
“Dres, I salute you! Because you want to attend this event, even you’re from different religion!”

Thanks for your appreciate! But I join this event for myself, and it’s not appropriate at flattered.

The text

Maybe tomorrow, I will join “bubar” (buka puasa bersama). Hahha, it will be fun I hope!

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