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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For several times I asked my seniors, 

“Bang, if we want to join tennis club in university, how we could?”

And for several times too, they answered,
“ooh, you can come to tennis field in gate 4, near BNI Bank. And meet the players there.”

“but, if the players are the old men, not the pupils, so how?”

“maybe they’re the lecturers. You can also join them”.

Oh my god, its really the bad answered! Even they didn’t explain me, how I can register it. It’s impossible for me to come into the field, and suddenly I play with many people that I never knew, right? Moreover, it’s fasting month. Who wants to play tennis there?

The one solution is, I should survey the condition about this. Tomorrow, I should have seen the field and checked anyone who played there, even only throught. Huuuhh!

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