Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi drezuecisers, maybe you’re wondering, how do I go to campus? So now, I’ll introduce my new motorcyle. Not a real new, it’s about 3 weeks ago, when I just arrived here, Medan! We can call it BeADress. Do you know what's the meaning? So simple, it means ‘Beat merah nya Dress’. The other mean is, 'there’s a motorcycle who wants to be me'! Hahhaa, crazy!

Previous, I didn’t want to buy the red one. Even I hope the new Honda Scoopy! But what can I do, to get a new Scoopy or another colour needs a lot of time to wait. Whereas, I need the motocyle ASAP. So, I bought the red one. At least I have a new motocycle, right? And I think the red one is not really bad, yah good enough.

It's BeADress

Maybe BeADress is still young, I know. But only 3 weeks, it had a lot of experience guys! Yes, it’s clear, who’s the driver? ME! Hahhahaa
- Had fall down for many times
- Had crashed into the truck
- The right-rearview-mirror is already broken
- Had crashed a sedan’s bumper, so its a bit scuffed paint
- Ever stopped by the police for 2 times, because of me!

Hahaha, what a very naughty mototcyc!

But the sorrow is, I must take care of it alone! Something like go to Service Center, buy many things it need, go to Doorsmeer, take care about its permition letter, and everything about it. Huahh, I didn’t know it before and now I must do that! So pity me!

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