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Sunday, July 25, 2010

So, my FB’s status today is:
“hope this day can help me to get the new experience!”

And apparently, I’ve got a new experience. Haha, not really. I mean the new friends, new environment, new atmosphere, something like that. I like socializing, and I like trying some activities that I’ve never met before.

Some people felt sorry because I go to Medan. They asked me,
“why did you choose Jakarta or Java to continuing your study? It’s too far right? And the quality is below than in Jakarta”

Yahh, maybe they don’t know why I’m here, how my struggle. It’s very hard to pass the state university, although in North Sumatera! And I’m very grateful to continue my study here. USU isn’t bad I think.

Overall, Medan is fair enough for me. I already met some PATRIA members and some teenagers in Cetiya Mahasampatti today. There are Ko Hery and Ko Andy here, that help me to know they all (it’s recommendation from ci Irma, thank’s to you all!). They are very friendly. Althought I can’t speak Hokkien Languange. So pity me! And I met my seniors too in FKG USU! Wow, what a very good news! At least, I know them before OSPEK. Heeheehee.

 Mahasampatti isn't large as Svarnadipa, but I really salute with the members!
They have many programs there.

But I can’t join their programs today, because me and Mom must take care of the equipments for the boarding house. I hope next Monday I can join them after it's done , I will.

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