I don’t agree with him forever and never!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I want share a little about my sister. I don’t know, but I feel not really believes on her now. I knew that since them being together for 1 month. I won’t tell my parents if she chooses another boy except him, a boorish boy that has many ideas to pick my sister up. Idiih! She’s also become different than before. Sometimes she lies on me, whereas she’s never. She thought that I can believe her. Hahha, sorry! But I’m smarter than she thought.

When I told my family about that, they are very angry. It’s not only once, but already several times we advice her. Yahh, actually I’m pity on her when my parents angry with her. But I really really didn’t agree about her BF! She is pretty, I think. Many boys want to become her boyfriend. Why she choose him? He is not good enough, not handsome, not clever, not a rich boy, and even haven’t charisma! It’s not about rich or not, not about status too. It’s ok if he is not rich, not a noble, yah it’s ok! But he must a good boy right? I will say ‘NO!’.. I don’t agree with him forever!

But it’s very difficult to stop them. I already try another way to make it broken. Maybe she’s very love him, so she can’t released from him. She chooses him than her family?? Huuh, capek dehh! Then try to backstreet from us. But they can’t of course! Because I know what they didn’t know.. hhee. Even though she doesn’t hear me, I just am being patient maybe. I love her, and hope the better one for her. Hope she can think clearly to see what the right boy is. Ameenn!

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