Light Here Light Now

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Light Here Light Now
Sunday, December 10th, 2017
at The Residence On Five, Grand Hyatt, Jakarta

A Sunday noon private party on top the central heart of Jakarta. It's all about Heineken Light launch party, in collaboration with Sunset People Project and Danjyo Hiyoji. Such an amazing event in town you won't missed out!

The umpteenth bottle of Heineken Light, and still standing! I never get intense with alcohol drink before because I don't want to get drunk early. But that night was insane, abnormally I never stop drinking because they didn't provide any other drinks. Hmmm okay, there's fine soda actually. But with low calories, and low alcohol, this Heineken Light is better for those who have pretty low alcohol tolerance like me. Yeah, sometimes lighter is better and let the light show you the way!

ALBESEN by Danjyo Hiyoji
It wasn't me that go anywhere, but Danjyo Hiyoji is. Favorite brand all the time comes with the newest collection ALBESEN 2017 shown above the central of the city surrounded with the view of Jakarta. This closing show of 2017 came with a special fashion choreography by @papah_edwan.
Simply but stunning! White in white with a little touch of green looks so special and perfect for the event.
Particularly the brand has their own way to present each clothes, the powerful models squad also, they have the iconic @anazsiantar and fashion influencers walking the party ground! If you are a truly fans of Danjyo, you will notice some familiar faces behind their every great show.

As you know, the weather is unfriendly lately, but the drizzling rain can not stop us to be "Light Here Light Now". We were still having fun under the drizzle as much as in the sun.
What a wonderful occasion to end the weekend, from sunset till late. Thank you for inviting me, you had lightened up our Sunday!

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