Indonesia Fashion Forward #JFW18

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) is a supporting program which is part of Jakarta Fashion Week to hook up young talented local designer in fashion industry and bring it to the world market. It's 6th generation already since its debut on 2012. I looked at their 2nd show and found out the new aspiration on it!

Rani Hatta
Rani Hatta label is focused on sporty luxurious. I love the way she made a creative concept like "Detention Room" for school looks. Inspired by Rockstar Games (2006), it consists of many different characters of high school models from the nerdy, sporty, decisive, narcissistic, rascal, to the sleepy guy whom we'll always find in class. They are just too cool for school!

The brand's name already tell everything, the looks are about Japanese ready to wear inspiration. Bring the "MOON" showcased as their latest preview. They are more formal attire for the taste of freedom in expression and art, with clean finishing.

Danjyo Hiyoji
The edgy cutting. Versatile with spring-sneakers. I often heard about this brand before, they always have something new and fresh to show off whether in men's and women's section through every campaign. The latest collection is "GEMINI 2017" where each article have another different options. Bold in orange that is the new black. Designed by duo Dana Maulana and Liza Mashita, two faces behind Danjyo Hiyoji clothing brand. Stunning pieces are available to order now.

Fashion Highlight
I captured some inspiration that amazed me on the runway... Fringe and spring-sneakers are exactly the highlight!

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