One Day City Escape: Pematangsiantar

Monday, May 30, 2016

Stressful at work doesn't mean you need a long holiday to get refresh. If you just have the weekend, 1 or 2 days in a row for short escape exploring the city, why not? In my case, I try to go a city nearby. I think if you're in the city too long you crave that chill environment and that's what North Sumatera has and I'm really chill by nature. So Pematangsiantar (well also known as Siantar) was chosen as my one day escape destination, one of the full adventures city to be explored in North Sumatera.
What to explore in Pematangsiantar?

Bah Biak Waterfall
A mini waterfall could be said, maybe about 7 meters high. But don't underestimate the mini one because they have the dramatic view. The cascade and jungle air are blending, just like a beautiful paint in my eyes.

To reach the waterfall, you need to walk through the local village first. Don't worry, it isn't really a hard track for sure. Even for newbies and some die-hard trekkers may love getting lost in their footprints that leads into this simple yet splendid view. While enjoying the nature, you can stop at the coffee shop nearby, tasting warm menus there.

Bah Butong Tea Garden
This tea garden is managed by PTPN IV, which is around 1 km from Bah Biak Waterfall. These two are located in Sidamanik sub-district of Simalungun, Pematangsiantar. They said it's the 2nd largest tea garden in Indonesia.

It is actually a very large area, you need to running by vehicle to find a beautiful valley spot. I feel like entering the middle of endless hectares green area that nothing brimmed... All botanical view as far as your eyes can see. Like the normally tea garden, fresh air and clement, but also quiet and has directly sun exposure. Better to prepare your sun protection!

You are free to taking photos and enjoying the greenie, but don't forget to keep cleanness and don't damage the plants, okay? Be an Eco-traveller, guys!

End of my Siantar explore diary...

Even though I realize that still many places in Siantar unexplored yet because of the time we had. If you have enough time to going around this city, it would be nice. They also have Siantar Zoo, Avalokitesvara Temple, another waterfalls, natural baths, museum, etc. many famous site to explored! Don't forget about the culinary, Pangsit Noodles and the signature bread too, named 'Roti Ganda'.
Happy exploring!

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