My 27th of March #Floral24

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm feeling 24, huahhh!
It's time to end the 23 with a bang and to start the next new age with a brighter perspective. Since this year I have many goals to do, I feel like a brand new person.

First, I choose #Floral24 to be my birthday theme this year. Why? If you follow this blog from the first, you'll know that I was try to be a Greenpeace-person, earth lover, eco-traveler, and I want to do it over again for this planet. But realizing nowadays I almost never act anything to my environment. So I start with this theme, bring back the nature to my lifestyle. A simple little green project, may said.
The other reason is because I want to make something different from the previous year's event, at least a reward for my 'SOSIALITAK' besties. We never know how long we would get through this together, we don't know where our destiny bring us after these school life which is almost done. Maybe we would apart, have each own career. Based on that consideration, I try to give a bit simply fun memory between this our boring life.

Celebrating birthday party at cafe or mall is too mainstream. We want to more blend with nature as an outdoor park. I start from the invitation design. Last year, I made the invitation from the fabric, so this year I made it from the leaves. Yes it's really fresh LEAVES! Always looking for ways to be creative and see the world in a unique way. There are many other media besides paper, right? Why don't you try one?

Sunday afternoon, I was host for an outdoor party where we were picnic at the nearest public garden in town. With all of the sudden, the simple properties like yoga mat as the cushion, snacks, fast food and drinks. We make some laugh there, talking and laughing about our poverty. Actually I was a little disappointed because  most of my guest didn't wear the dress code they supposed to. But they break the code together, so I was forced to allow it. Hahaha. Ya know, we only have like 5-6 more years in our 20's left, so gotta live it up!

Continue the day with a mini charity as we do in past few years, sharing free foods on the road for homeless. Count my age like 24 + 1 packages of food and milk. We didn't go a lot places this year, but only 2 or 3 stops. The homeless are more difficult to find, but there's always the unethical people who grab the food from our hands. However, we've been trying to give our best. About moral issues, may be karma and responsibilities of each peoples we can't judges. But still can't beat the feeling of giving to the right person. When we see their smiles, we can smile bigger with a sense of joy and excitement!

I feel blessed, wish the same abundant merit and bless to my family and friends. Hopefully I can do it again next year, over, and over again on the next another year routinely.

Thanks a lot, guys, for your kind and support! I enjoy that day and can't ask for the better birthday celebration. I'll clear the word of 'SOSIALITAK' isn't the person who always have glamorous and luxury life, but also the person who share something socially and grateful with what they have got. I think my friends deserved it :)

Thankyou for all messages. I can't replied one by one but I appreciate your wishes for me. Wishing you all super the best in life too, fellas :)

Birthday words:
Save flowers in your heart and keep it grow beautifully!

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