Festival StartUpLokal: Medan

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Festival StartUp Lokal: Medan
February 12 - 13, 2016
at Clapham Collective

StartUp means business company or community which is developed by digital based. The first StartUp festival was held by Clapham Collective as one of co-working space in town that growing up nowadays.

They provide some main speakers who are expert in StartUp business from local and Jakarta. There are many various type of industries, such as media, fashion, transportation, technology, culinary, online selling based, blogger, even hacker and designer. If you want to know more about this creative industry, you can meet, mingle, and make some networking here because they also had some investors and venture capitals too.

Mr. Chris Angkasa as the founder of Clapham was moderator of these presentation and Q&A session. These pictures below are some interesting presentations I attended in Day 2 of Festival:

Lily Suriani from Berrybenka

Melisa Irene from East Venture

Q&A session with East Venture, Darwis Taniwan (Aplaus Magazine), and Berrybenka

Who doesn't know them in digital life? Inspiring discussion starts here. The experts were sharing many ideas and tips to build your very own StartUp business and growing with mature plans.

I think one of the coolest part of running this blog as the social media is the chance to meet so many talented peoples. It always starts with a mutual appreciation of each other's work, and it all just sort of grows from there.
To be honest, I didn't really understand about the business at the first time, but they present very nice topics. I'm open to learn something new and when they explain the details, I'm all ears. They can make sure that all newcomers like me may learn from the basic. So, I really learn a lot and get inspired from the event. I'm sure many young generation out there will be interested too, remembering that digital media and technology are commonly used to be our lifestyle.

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