Year of The Monkey

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Chinese/Lunar Year 2567!
Wishing you a very lucky, prosperous, and attractive spirit as this year of Monkey :)

This is the year of monkey which is my year! Fire monkey especially. Setting fire inside us to make some fun! I take it as a good sign that my 2016 will be a good one for me, despite that I still believe in new year prediction, Feng Shui, Chinese horoscope, or anything you named it. You may believe it, but better not to take it 100% too seriously. Take the good advice, and don't believe the bad ones. Hahaha. I always like to keep my thoughts up.

I believe that my inner animal is monkey, it just fit my personality perfectly. Monkey is strong, agile, and brilliant animal, but also tricky in some situation. I can be easy going, I like travel and explore to many places I've never been, I love become an active with the spirit high, and these uniqueness maybe make me quite popular.

Oke, let's talk about I'm going to do in this beginning of CNY celebration. Usually, I celebrated CNY in Jakarta with my big family there like last year and another years past. But this year, you can be sure to find me in North Sumatra. Alone. It because of my shitty clinic work and I really can't leave for some reason. I need to be independent! I just want to be wiser about how I approach those things. Huahh, I sounds really old now. Hopefully it will gonna be my last year in this town...

Oh I correct it, I'm not alone. I still have my besties around me :) I can visit my one or two Chinese friends, and join them to celebrate in our way. Trying on Japanese food and drinking a lot bubble teas my heart desires.


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  1. happy chinese new year, :) its great to be strong and independent girl


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