Rukun Agawe Sentosa

Friday, October 02, 2015

Have an opportunity to representing North Sumatra in this national event. This event held every 4 years by PATRIA (Pemuda Theravada Indonesia). If you follow this blog from the first, you will remember that I ever join this tournament 4 and 8 years ago. But this year, I move to North Sumatra team, not my hometown (Lampung) anymore.

Pekan Olahraga & Seni Nasional (Porseni)
September 24th-27th, 2015
at Surakarta (Solo), Central Java

Theme: Rukun Agawe Sentosa
which means harmony brings peace.

There are 11 kinds of competition that competed in this event, including sports and arts. I thought I can play badminton and joined the tournament. But at this national level, I'm just like a little piece of cake and lost :(

It's not about winning. I'm already prepared for my lost since the first time. I tried and did my best to play badminton. This isn't my specialization. Ya you know, you can't be good and so multi-talented in every kind of sports. Hahaha, sorry I'm not your favorite badminton athlete...

The best part of joining this kinda national event is you could keep in touch with another contingents from around Indonesia. As reunion event and get some new friends from Sumatra to NTB. Sharing and listening their stories about life, religion spirits, and organization problems. I feel the experience, the euphoria. Something that we can't get just by sitting around at home.

Then, the game is not over...

A masal insanity. Party all night long. The yellow unites us all!
Congratulation Banten as the general champion for this season! See ya at the next Porseni 4 years later...

We had the first flight at the morning, then continued to travel along Yogyakarta-Solo road. We stopped by Borobudur and Mendut temple.

Some competition located at Vihara Dharma Sundara, one of the big beauty temple in Solo. When supporting another participants, we take time to catch these photos.

Actually, I'm not a mall person. But no doubt I'm a snack and culinary hunter. So, we make an sibling's escape to go craving for street food carnival in front of Paragon Mall.
Recommended dish: lekker!
For night escape, I recommend 'wedang jahe' as my favorite Javanese drink. It can be modified to be milk jahe with honey also. Very good for your body and health.

As you know, Surakarta also known as the city of culture. There are many historical place, built several centuries ago that still existing. One of the famous is Keraton Surakarta. It was a great dynasty in it's era. Divided into 4 gates with wind's direction: north, east, south, and west. It's an old building with a touch of classic, and don't know why I feel the magical aura inside.

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