Monday, August 17, 2015

70th Independence Day of Indonesia

What would you do in your life when you were 70 years old? Stay dynamic and productive or just laying down at your bed, wasting time the rest of your life.
We will know, in that 70 years many things happened. All sadness or happiness just come and go easily. Everything changes. Change doesn't happen overnight. It takes a long time, a long journey to grow. The country was grow. Yeah, we were grow. G-R-O-W! We are tired of growing already and never stop growing. Sounds like an old generic stereotype. You may be strong. You may be rich. But to change this growing country to reach the top we need to have nationalism in our head, in our heart. Respect for pride. That's growing up is all about.

Generally, I love the symbol of my country, Indonesia. We have many! The flag is the one. The color of red and white seems so elegant and able to describe our mentality properly. Red is our blood, and white is our bones. Blend together in this powerful synergy.


A whole new chapter is just begin. Let's start from the smallest thing. Keep this country clean, for example?

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