My 27 of MARCH #Fearless23

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feeling so blessed on 27 of March, it's my 23rd birthday! #Fearless23

I like to think easily and simply currently, so I decided to make it Black & White code. They are neutral colors, and it's cool to look monochrome this way. However, life is about #0000 and #FFFF. You don't need to overhaul everything in your life all at once to get to that point where you are completely YIN &YANG. It all starts with baby steps. The point is: Balance!

My 22 is about to end and another age is going to begin. It's time to start the things you've always wanted to do without any fears! Maybe this year I got too many haters around, since my coass life that  I often write down here in my blog, but who cares...I believe I can face them fearlessly! Hahaha. Do whatever you want to do, be what you want to be, not others want to see. That's why I make it #Fearless23. To end the age with a bang and to start the next age with a brighter perspective. It feels good to start something useful. Have courage, beat your fears, and be kind!

It isn't really different than last year event, it's about sharing free foods for homeless peoples on the road. Sorry, I'm not creative enough to find another charity event. At least, I try to do it routinely year by year...

23+1 free food packages are completely given for the homeless... Hmmm, 3 years already and still counting. Good to know that a social club in this town told me that the numbers of homeless are decreased nowadays. It's a good news, especially for the social workers who hoping this much. I have to think another creative way to do charity way.

Sometimes, I feel bad whenever I think of giving, I can only give material things. It's nice to give donations, but nothing beats actually setting aside your time to caring and sharing with people who don't get a lot of it. 

Special thanks for your lovely support, my Black & White Team! My 'Sosialitak Syndicate': Ary, Ody, Janet, Henny, Valen, Mega, Evi, Indah... Trough these years, they are help me a lot. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words more than you know. Seriously!

My loveliest sister who sending me a cool gift. Hmmm my favorite sister okay, hahaha. She know me so well, what I really want. Thankiesss, dear! :*

Thankyou Uty for belated surprise...

Thanks also for your adorable messages and wishes, can't be write down one by one, but I totally love it! Every message is unique and funny enough to make me smiling along that day. Thanks a bunch for making my day, guysss!

So, why still expect for a little gift when you clearly can create the bigger ones for others?
Keep inspiring and stay fearless, good fellas!

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