Feeling So RED

Thursday, March 19, 2015

One month passed already,  but I never forget to say "Gong Xi Fat Cai!"

As always, red is the color. Literally, I love red, not because it's a bold color, but also it give more happiness and the symbol of spirit. Maybe you often hear the idiom, "I'm feeling so blue" which is means sadness or confusion, but you'll never hear the red one to express the bad feelings. So when in doubt, wear RED!

Sometimes, you need wear red to increase your mood... even in your relax or do some sport.


 Angpao Hunters!
Our favorite auntie!

This family photo was taken in my Grandma's place, Pondok Hijau Golf, Gading Serpong, where my big family was gathered there for the first time. After all this time is always held in Gudang Peluru, Jakarta.
Finally, we are officially wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year!
Have a great Goat Year ahead!!!

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