Extraordinary Getaway

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Super late post...

Got an extra space on Sunday morning during our co-ass life. We are Extra Ordinary Co-Dentist cycle, and these were our weekend getaway! It was our first time hanging out together with completed members, 10 of us, since we work as a team in August, 2014. You know, sometimes it's hard to fix the schedule and find the right timing. But finally, we did it spontaneously with a lil bit duress to those who can't go on that day. Hahaha.

Planning an outbound activities at Kampoeng Ladang, but ended up with picnic and craving for corns at Panatapan, Berastagi. What a long trip...

I know that just a simple workout can't raise your satisfied feeling, but believe me it can boost your happy hormones, at least for one day only.

Partner, they said...

Next destination: Panatapan, Tanah Karo
We need something coolness and warmness at the same time, so the best choice is going to a cool place then eat a boiled corn or noodles. Hmmmm... And no doubt the fresh air for sure!

You wouldn't get the same moment twice in life. See you on another getaway!:*

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