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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Indonesia has many beautiful places to explore. As an archipelago country, we had about 13.466 islands from Sabang to Merauke. Thanks God I live in Lampung, a province which located at the end of Sumatera Island and a lot of tiny islands around.

In my latest holiday, I try to explore the beach. Lampung has many beaches with white golden and smooth sand. I always love walking along the seaside and play with the blue sea water. When I was a child, I usually collected the shells although when go home I often forget to bring it. Hahaha. Yess, I'm a beach enthusiast!

If you're looking a far from the seaside, you can see many another islands on the other side. You need choose one or two to be explored by a wooden ship. The cost is not really expensive if only you can bargaining with the ship man.

The famous one is Pahawang Island, but I didn't have chance to go there because it was too far from the place we were. I was at Sari Ringgung Beach, so the other option is only go to Tangkil Island and Pasir Timbul. It's not bad and equally attractive. Mostly island isn't truly different, they have the similar characteristic: quite, unexploited, windy, and peaceful. Just xoxo.

It isn't only beach, but beach and resort. They have cottage and tents if you want to spend the night there. There's also some water sports something like banana boat, diving, snorkeling, bike rental, beach volley, etc. Very nice for your adventuring holidays.

Tangkil Island
is an unexploited island where the nature grow fearlessly here. Unfortunately we went at the end of the year when the tide. It cause the seaside is turning down and we can't go over the sea to take some photos :(
You can enjoy your summer time here with diving. The moss, algae, corals, and underwater life are waiting for you! much do you miss holiday?
Better to prepare your sunblock, sunglasses, and hat. Happy exploring Indonesia!

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