Fashion Blogger Interview: Lorenzo Liverani

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I did some interviews with fashion bloggers and fashion brand when I was an intern at It was such a new thing for me, because I could make some relationships with local and international fashion peoples around the world. Not only do interviews, that means make the question list, but also make the nice article about it, editing, and layout too by myself. Honestly, I can say this is my fave job scope ever!

This is one of my work, the interview with Lorenzo Liverani from
Check check check....

It was a great opportunity that I could interview this amazing person. I did it professionally, regardless of the fact that I was one of his fans. We do interview by e-mail, and unexpectedly his response was very quick, he reply me as soon as possible. More than that, psssttt...he gives me a special message,
"Pull out your personality and your outfit will be amazing and unique, Big hug!"
Ahhh, such a nice guy! I hope someday I can speak with him face to face :)
Have a great day, Mr. Lorenzo!

You could also see this interview at whatiwear's blog.
And also nice to know that this interview has been featured in LOOKS Indonesia Magazine, May issue. Translated into Bahasa!

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