Lost in Songkhla

Friday, January 24, 2014

A super late post... It took long time to collect all these photos.
15th IMT-GT  (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand - Growth Triangle) Varsity Carnival

November 22th - 28th, 2013
at Prince of Songkhla University (PSU), Thailand

Opening ceremony

feat. USU futsal and football team

I collected some autographs from IMT-GT members actually,
but poorly I think it was
left behind at the hostel :(

I played as a double player for all matches. It was nice to be partnered with Gina for along these time, we've got that pairs-chemistry. From 2 matches, we won it all. And the other day I paired with Ayuni, we lost it :( It's okay, maybe we just didn't have good strategy.

Thanks for the great tournament, Songkhla!
We are USU women tennis team, were lose at the 3rd round :( so sad! But we learned something new from this tournament. Lost isn't always bad, at least we did our best. Nice try!
The men tennis team got the 3rd place and got the bronze medal. Not really bad, remembered that we lost in tricks, not qualities.

So the last day had some fun shopping at Hat Yai road of markets!


Actually this year wasn't really straight as last year IMT-GT, Songkhla is one of the amazing city ever, even I really likes most of Thai peoples because they're very friendly. The campus life also have complete facilities, even though we have trouble with the dormitory and food :(
But, because of some shits happened in our internal team, so I can't totally enjoy this moment as 3 years ago. Yah you know that some personnel are come and go, we have to adapt with each other character's, right? *I won't to tell you more what it was, so private and confidential hahaha!*

Although some serious problems happened, but we reunited again in the closing ceremony night and walked away from the university complex to go to the nearest supermarket. From the pedestrian overpass on the street, the Songkhla city looks beautiful at night, not too crowded and very peaceful. Actually it was a crazy night that knit back us all!

By the way, you could see, I learned to write down my name in Thai from a Thai friend:

I hope I could join the next IMT-GT anymore *oh no, please forget about my old age*!

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