Fabulous Buddhism-Dentistrian Night

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A very very late post.

Last year, in the early November, there was a routine event for welcoming Buddhism freshmen in our faculty. The Buddhist community that held this event, proposed to be closer between senior-junior dentistry student.

I often join this event since a few years ago, as a guest. This is such a hereditary event, from generation to generation. For this period, our generation (2010) become the committees by chance. And guess what??? I hosted the event, partnered with Wilson.

It wasn't my first experience to do hosting, I ever did this  in high school. But it was already long time ago, and even I've forgot to do it now. I was very nervous and such to be afraid to making mistake or telling a wet-blanket joke.
But obviously he was a great partner. Beside he's funny, he also could make sense to enliven the event for sure. Even some audiences said that we were rock that night! Hahaha, so unexpected.

Actually, I don't really close enough with people in this community even though we are in the same campus after more than 3 years. Compounded, my close friends didn't join in the committee. But who care? We just need to be flexible to survive the society. Fortunately, they're so helpful to covered me handle these all.

Thanks for the great event, thanks for the helpful team, and thanks to lovely audience who supporting this event!
We're welcoming all 2013 juniors!!! Welcome to USU Faculty of Dentistry, and welcome to this community!

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