Wedding Days

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Long time no post! How are you, guys?
I start to do my paper for graduate already, and believe me it's sooooo complicated. Got prosthodontia department, not really good or bad. Just think positive, hope it will past quickly.

My cousin got married this month. He had two concepts reception for his wedding. Once a garden party at Surabaya, that's my fave! Even there's fireworks that made this party glorious.
The second one was indoor party at Jakarta, simpler one but all big family gathering. I always like attend wedding party, it feels so precious! The atmosphere, the crowd, also both the groom and bride. It's a special moment when two person become one family. Lovely party!

1st Garden Party
at Ciputra Golf Court, Surabaya, East Java

2nd Indoor Party
at Grand Limo, DKI Jakarta

Which one your favourite party?

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