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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Late post....

To celebrate Chinese New Year ago, on Feb 17th 2013, we tried to share the happiness with some peoples with mental illness at Kabanjahe, North Sumatera.
Organized by PATRIA Sumut. It was the 2nd part of "Baksos Imlek PATRIA", having previously held a similar activities too.

We shared some foods, basic foods, and also clothes for them. A knowledge that I got from there is peoples with mental illness desperately need clothes. Because they can't wash their clothes by them self, and no one want to wash it. So after a few weeks of use, it all immediately discarded. So, don't hesitate to collect our second clothes to be given to them :)
They need attention, so sometimes a simple smile could entertain them. Even as a gratitude, they sing some popular songs to us. Wah, so funny! :D

Honestly, this event gave me something new, such a new experience and knowledge how to caring with a lot of peoples that we never expect before. I like sharing, I like caring. That's why I join to be a social worker. Thanks to all committee, donators, and volunteers of this social activities. Hopefully this fund will give them the benefit. May all beings happy :)

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