Happy end of year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

The last post in 2012, but I don't know what to write.. Hhahaha crazy!
Resolutions, maybe? Too bad to say that even I don't have any resolutions for next year. Yah, I just live in my reality, just let it be.

By the way, a little late to say Merry Christmas for Christian brothers and sisters!! Keep calm and enjoy the magical.. Although I'm not a Christian, but it doesn't matter if I always love The Christmas feel, right? This year I celebrate it with my campus friends, wore the dominant red outfit because Christmas should be cheerful!

Nowadays, I become more rarely update this blog and I'm sorry for that. Whereas now I'm still on holiday and have a lot of free time, but have no ideas to posting :(

My holiday is just xoxo. Hmmm oke, there's one time I spent the last saturday night in 2012 with my very best elementary school friend. We had a quality time, just two of us. Although it's already too long time no meet up, but we still have a lot of chat to talk. We are grow older and become two different persons now but still in one mission. Hahaha, best friend never die :D Unfortunately we didn't take any photos yesterday, ahh!

Happy holiday, universe! Have you had a plan for The New Year's eve?

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