Bathroom Pose

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can you imagine a girl pose in the bathroom? No, not naked, but in another sexy way with fashion: with leopard print and bath-up! You should see this pics and also you could try this at home..

Thanks to my lovely brother, Thomas who captured these photos.. He took many nice photos for me~ *hug hug*

By the way, I still in holiday now. I spend my laziness in many cities. Bandarlampung, Jakarta, and Bali.. Have many photos to share. But I'm too tired to upload it all!! Idk either I'm very busy in this holiday or just enjoying my holiday life.. That's why I seldom post this blog routinely.

Aaaahh *scream to Baliiii*, you're definitely missed! Can't wait for summer style at Bali some days later.. See you :*

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