Stadium flirting

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In my campus, there are many UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa). Something like extracurricular activities. And most of them are specializes in sports. I join tennis club since I was a fresh student here.

FYI, nowadays my friends in tennis club are looking for someone at the next ground, yes at the stadium! They're searching for the football athletes *Not including me ya, I just accompany them*. 

So, we do the physical training in the stadium as a reason to come there. Hahaa, it's just about teenage tactics.. Although our coach has been angry with them, because if they were already in the stadium, they will be there for a long time before return back to the tennis court. Hahaha, what a coquetry of girls~

The boys are playing football at the stadium, and we are just jogging around. Sometimes, they're smiling to us. And my friends smiling back for them. Euuhh!

I don't like it actually. I'm not like the other girls type, I don't like flirting like this. I don't like football players. Seriously, although I really appreciate the athletes, but I'm not looking for them. I don't know why, maybe my standards are well above it :D.. And over all, what my friends did aren't my type. I just want to have fun there! Who's forbid it?

--> Yah, sometimes watch they're flirting is just a funny thing to do. Just waiting for the athlete-couples, waiting for free foods, hehee :)

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