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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Yesterday, February 8th 2012..
Had a fun event 'Salty SALTer Talkshow' at Sekolah Darma Bangsa (SDB) Hall.
It was held by SALT (SDB Alumni Troops) to show the college life to our juniors, the SMA students. At once, launched SALT as the community of SDB's alumni. So far, we only have 2 generations of alumni: 2010 and 2011. In the future we hope will be many more generations of SDB alumni, until the 100th :D Because we are the founder members of SDB. Yeah SDB is a young school..

The speakers: Ardhi Hiang Sawak and Moh.Iqbal Febriyanto

We're all in this together.
SDB...Smart...Dynamic...and Bright! :D

Big thanks to SDB  for support our event. That's why I always love SDB: No matter you are still their student or not, even you're already an alumni, SDB will always support you. Hugs :)
By the way, this is our first time wearing this SALT uniform.. There are 2 types: black and white. Both of them are so simple and casual.

Ah! Remember this Student Card, miss the school life..

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