The road of vacation

Thursday, January 19, 2012

All campus activities has done! Finally holiday..
Will celebrate the CNY with my big family this year. At Jakarta, at my Grandma's home. Yaiiyy! Love it. My new clothes are ready also :)
I already have some plans to spend my time there, will spend this weekend catching-up with some friends in Jakarta. A social work actually, a charity before CNY. It will be fun I hope. Ah! Really can't wait.

My flight today, with my aunty also.
If I say I don't really want to go home, actually the-wanted-to-go-home-feeling is still exists in my mind. But it only appears at certain moments like this, not in every time. I love my home town, Lampung, and my current town too, Medan. I came here to study, but I think I really fell in love with this city. Their culinary, their multicultural, their style, their spirit. Hmmph, it's something a treasure... Seriously.

See you next semester Medan! I'll back soon :)

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