First post in 2012

Thursday, January 05, 2012

This is my first post in 2012...
More fresh, more bright. Isn't it? Hahaha, please smile first before you read more :)

Got a-week-year-end-holiday. Not really fantastic, but I could say that it was the laziest holiday ever!
Imagine, I didn't have anything to do! Hmmph, oke I corrected, I had some. Some activities that's not important. Slept all day long, browsing, played tennis every morning, did some organization's homework. So boring, just same as usual days.

But at least, I was able to be proud a bit for doing this artwork for my bedroom:

It wasn't much different from my wall-of-fame in the past, in my boarding house. Do you remember it?
But now, I just pick the professionalism photography collection, especially in fashion photography part. I'll add more later.. Love it! It will be my favorite corner to take some photos :D

Talking about this year, 2012..
I'm having no resolutions actually. I just hope this year will be nice to me, to my study, family, money, relationship, friends, and all my activities..
Ohya, first of all: Good luck for my exam! The last exam before holiday..

Once again, Happy new year 2012!
Be a better person. Get ready to rise up. Then fulfill our dreams..

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