C for Charity and Chinese NY

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Did something beautiful in this CNY. A charity work in another town. Amazing! I like this vacation, and liked the activities too. Incidentally, I'm on holiday in Jakarta, to celebrate the CNY with my big family. So I can join this event.
This charity is supported by DPP PATRIA, means it's organized by the center in Jakarta.

There are about 200 families in this village. Many of them are poor, but they also deserve a chance to feel the glorious of CNY once a year. It's our duties to help them make it happen.
We shared angpao for the children, and some groceries for their parents too.

Just two of us, Me and Kimkim are represent Bandarlampung. The other participants are from Jakarta and Banten. We got some friends of course, beside a lot of them we have ever know before. And we have some fun :D
Thanks to DPP PATRIA, who gives us this great chance..

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year 2563!
In this water dragon year, may all being happy. Let's collect the red envelopes called 'angpao' until cap go meh (15th Lunar). And don't forget to catch the dragon :D

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  1. baksi sosial, hmm gue paham banget tuh gimana..
    tapi gur gak ngerti arti tulisan lu. ha ha ha *Tepok jidat

    betewe ini kunjungan perdana gue ke blog lu.. salam kenal yah..
    jangan lupa kunjung balik blog gue "oke

  2. @daney: thanks :) hehehe nggk ngerti pake google translate aja..


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