Review: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Title: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Year: 2011
Genre: Romance
Directors: Johnnie To
Screenwriter: Ka-Fai Wai
Cast: Louis Koo, Yuanyuan Gao and Daniel Wu
Actually, I rarely watch Asian movies. It was a coincidence when I watch it. But apparently, this movie is so touched!

It's about romance. The love triangle..
How a mature woman chooses the best partner for herself. It's unique, because they don't talk like a labile teenagers *as I often watch on Indonesian FTV. An adult story. Not only based on love, but also loyalty, responsibility, and keeping promises.
Plus point, the actors and actress are very cool! They have Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. OMG! I always idolized them since along. I never guess that they could compete acting in a movie like this. I think they are very handsome, and the most charming guys in the world! Hahaa, okay I know that they are too old for me. But their charisma is so hypnotized me! Seriously.
Even, when I watching this movie, I imagine to be Yuanyuan Gao (the actress) who's confused in choosing between two of them. Hahaha, crazy!

I like when Yuanyuan Gao cut her hair become shorter. She looks more fresh..
I was touched when Daniel Wu that was just a street bum, suddenly a few years later became a successful architect for his love to that women. A sincere struggle. What a totally love!
I'm also very interested in Louis Koo's typical smile.. his dimples! Huaaahh, melting!

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  1. Thanks for the review...
    but I'm not really into that type of movie :D


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