Mother's Day

Saturday, December 24, 2011

December, 22nd.
That's National Mother's Day...
I think it's important to underline the word 'National', that means only in this country, Indonesia. Because many peoples thought that it's international day. Whereas no, it's not.
"Hari Ibu di Indonesia, bukan Mother's Day seperti yang ada di luar negeri. Lebih ke hari peringatan tentang apresiasi dan reformasi wanita Indonesia"
- @vidialdiano -

By the way, we had an event to celebrated this Mother's Day. Something like family bazaar. Organized by DPC PATRIA Medan, was held on last Sunday, December 18th.

with U-NO Band

Actually I never paid attention to the day like this. But now, I just want to write anything. Although I was far away from my mother, but I was able to maintain her trust. Yes, I'm not lying! At least to show that I love my Mom. So much! Oh, not just my mother, but my father too. Both of them are the best parents I've ever had. Love you Mom and Dad <3

mothers day poems for nan. mothers day poems for cards.

This post is dedicated to all mothers, especially my Mom <3
Hug and kisses XXX

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