The thinker

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Actually I'm a thinker (No, don't say 'thinker bell'. That's 'tinker', but not thinker). Because of it, many absurd thoughts crossed my mind. Especially at the bed time. Something like insomnia, maybe.

Conceptual art by deviantart

How can I sleep if every closed my eyes, the ideas are always emerging. Can't sleep with a million  ideas in my head! Seriously. Sometimes, I hate it if the idea doesn't appear in my head. But, too many ideas also makes me disgusted! And the problem is...I can't pour it all simultaneously. Need more time, need process... It seems, the ideas can't wait for my idle time.

If only there's more than 24 hours a day. If only there's more than 30 days a month. (I skipped a week, because I don't want  the Sunday is reduced, hehehe :D).

Too little time, too many things to do. Aaaargh!

I wish I could sleep sooner.. *banging my head to the wall ~~

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