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Saturday, September 24, 2011

 "Creativity is subtraction"
- Austin Kleon -
A few weeks ago, I found the magical word in a newspaper. Guess what?
The most striking word for me, consists of five letters: D-R-E-S-I.
Yes. That's my name!
Source: Kompas Daily Newspaper: Sunday, August 28th 2011.

Wow! I'm so excited. I never thought that there's a village in this country, which named the same with me. What a very rare coincidence!

But wait! "Dresi Kulon Dresiani Mareti"
Dresi Kulon sounds like Javanese name, whereas my name is more westernized :p
Hmmph, I think Dresi Kulon Village was inspired by my name. Ha ha ha, maybeeeee. No, never mind! 
So, I just playing with the words. Eliminating and stringing a sentence.

Temannya yang tinggal di Medan, Sumatera Utara, memberikan tunjangan hari raya untuk Dresi untuk membeli baju seharga RP 50.000.

Inspired by Austin Kleon.
"Poet Austin Kleon grabs the New York Times, and a permanent marker, and eliminates the words he doesn't need." - NPR'S Morning Edition.

Newspaer Blackout.
What a nice book! Isn't it?

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  1. Hahaha.. it's so funny what you did there. :D

    Yoanda Pragita

  2. #yoanda: hhaha. yes, what a coincidence!


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