The atheltic games and.... shamed!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Eveyone is number one"
Hey, do you remember my post about Porseni last week?
Event: Porseni Nasional IV Patria
Located: Wiladatika, Cibubur, Jakarta
July 28th-31th, 2011.
The map of location, click for larger image

In that post, I said that I'll join my hometown team. But the results? Huh, nothing else I can say besides EMBARASSING. Yeah, it was so 'eyeuuuh'!

Actually in opening ceremony, each team must have the uniform clothes to demonstrate their region.
But my team have no preparation of it, and our group leader didn't tell us before. Really, it makes us very upset with him! So, we just wear the white shirt, that makes us look formal. Imagine in the athletes ceremony, where everyone looks sporty and colourful, but only us who were dressed in formal also black-and-white like that. What a wrong costume!

All teams in opening ceremony
The great trophy

I played badminton women's double. And don't ask anymore, you should know the result. Yes, we lost! Huahh, it's so embarrassing for our team, because no one wins, even in other sports from Lampung's Contingents. *crying
And another shames that we got during the events, can not be published here because that's a lot. Yah, it seemed the misfortune overwrite us.

But at least, we got some experiences, more friends from another provinces, and also cheeriness.
We are free on the last day, yah because we haven't match at all, all the lost. Hhehee :D... So we have fun on that day, just watched another final match, like futsal, volley, badminton, etc., and took the photos :)

Finally at the end of the event, called Closing Ceremony, we wore the same uniform: Red Uniform, which unites us all!

The overall winner: DKI Jakarta
Congratulation guys!
Hhahaha, it remind me of the one of Twilight Saga movie, where the public are wear the red costume to celebrate the vampire's day.
Red is so HOT!

After the closing ceremony, the last night, we had our own event, located in my cottage garden: Flamboyan.
We called it Flamboyan Party, something like Take Me Out program, the introductions from each contingents. Many peoples come in, it's because-I think-that Flamboyan is very strategic, located in the street corner of Wiladatika.

And also watched acoustic jam performance from Bali and West Java's Contingents :

By the way, I met the North Sumatera's team too.
We still have the good relationship, although there's a lil bit satirical for me. But yaah I don't mind, just for laugh :) Hhahaa, actually I felt uneasy. However, they're my friends. It's not easy to be different teams from them. Fortunately, they are very sportive! Ohya, didn't forget we also took the picture together:

--->>> I'm very appreciate, salute for the all committees, they are very very great! See you guys on the next Porseni V, 3 years later. Miss them all, and I hope we'll meet again someday...

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  1. #bg fauzi: thanks bang. sorry if too many photos :p

  2. Haha, ya kan adanya photo makin menghidupkan tulisan kita....bukannya itu bagus???

  3. #bg fauzi: yah, kadang agak males nulis jg. jadinya nampilin foto aja. hahaha :D


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