Between the environment and attitudes

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Our environment determines our attitudes."
I realize that when I noticed my environment, either families nor friends. Yah fortunately, so far I grew up in a good families. At least, 50% of my attitudes specified from that.

FYI, I see my father and mother are very religious. Every week pray in the temple and everyday in home, give their children the wisdom advices, teach us to be religious too. Oke, we count the points for the faith.
They are also good in sports, doing exercise and go to fitness regularly, also maintaining the healthy and nutritious foods. That's the plus points for health.
They're very strong, they're never complain when working, and deligently organized their bussiness together. Count the points.
They have love, the harmonious family, pay attention to their children, care one another. Huahh, how many points that I get? Amazing to say that I have this good family!
(I know that everything can change, and everything can happened in my good family. But I really enjoyed my family like this. I just hope it will be long last.)

And the next 50% are from friends and groups. We should be wise to select them. Not all friend can be a good friend. Sometimes a lot of friends just looking for the benefit, even some friends are misleading us. However, we need to be more selective.

Selective doesn't mean that you are an arrogant person. No, it's NOT! But it's about how you can protect your life from the outer interferences, and also keeping your mind healthy. Isn't it?

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