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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm home! Horeeeey...
Like another foreigner students, holiday is something that we waited for. Exactly, for a reason: to go home! It’s always special, when we dream about our home there afar, how soft your bed, how you could meet the peoples that you love a lot everyday, how to enjoy the complete facilities that your parents give to you. And now it becomes real! Wahh!

Become a foreigner student is not really bad, also not really good actually. Often we miss our family, imagine what they are doing now, and remember the times when I’m in home on the last holiday. But you should realize that you are alone now, saving yourself, organized your life, struggling for your study, that in the last you must responsible it all to your parents. Yes, it makes you more mature of course. Although I do it in a little complaint sometimes, hehheee :p

The benefit of become a foreigner student is just one word, FREEDOM! Yah, it’s totally free, it does up to you want to be better or become wilder. You choose your way, decided by yourself. But for me privately, I choose the first one, remembering my sentences above:
“In the last you must responsible it all to your parents”

Beside that all, I’m also enjoying my life as a foreigner student. Because I have many friends that very kindly, help me in many situations, in sadness and happiness. Laughing, sharing, eating, shopping, spending the nights, and have fun together. Hmmph, a year I’m live in North Sumatera, still have many years yet, and I’m very thankful to all of you. See you on the next semester, Medan!

PS: Not too much has changed in my hometown. Want to share together with my families, meet my school friends, tennis athletes, my coach, and visit our school. Many things to do! Although I know that it’s time to be an unemployed and become lazy!

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