Vesakh 2555 BE celebration

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just had a time to update this blog, hmmmph it was already a week ago since my last post. Oke, we start from:
Happy Vesakha 2555 BE!
Hopefully all living beings be happy.

A little late, but at least better late than never. Hhahaaa.

I always love the celebration of vesakh. When the candles and lantern glow in the dark. I feel something like... peaceful. Yess peaceful!
By the way, I see in Medan, vesakh celebrated with more enthusiasm. Almost every week in a month, there's Vesakh celebration anywhere. Full month of celebration!

I was celebrate it in some place, like in: ITBC (Indonesian Theravada Buddhist Center), Vihara Mahasampatti, to prayed and did some puja rituals.
Also in KMB USU: "Vegetarian Festival", to celebrate it and have some fun.
But unfortunately, I haven't any photos of them. Just photos in KMB, so I want to share here:

Played in KMB's vesakh drama
Wear this Indian Sari outfit. Hhaha, what do you think?
And have some fun with Janet, Fany, Vinny, Dency, and Henny!
Our 'wishing lampion'
Glow in the night. Bye bye lampion!

See my hair on these photos? Very very bad hair day, because of the hairspray that I used for drama. Huahhh!

PS: Had many activities and event on this month. So busy! The another activities maybe I'll share later :)

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