Puja rituals

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still in the atmosphere of Vesakh Month, so I'll post about 'puja' event on Vesakh Day, May 17th 2011, at Vihara Mahasampatti.
Actually, the rituals start from the morning until night. But, I just join at the night ritual: The seconds of Vesakh's reflection, Amisa puja and Dhammadesana by Y.M. Bhikkhu Candaviro & Y.M. Bhikkhu Indaguno, and also Padakkhina. As you know, Padakkhina is a buddhism ritual, where we have to walk around the temple. When walk around, we also bring the myrrh and flower as a symbol of honor.

The altar
Amisa Puja
Padakkhina ritual
All crew of Vesakha Puja

Peace is the light of truth!

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