4 in 1 Social Service

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hellooooo, I come back with a news of social event that I attended last Sunday.
This social event is held by PATRIA Organization, for the village populations at Hamparan Perak Village I-VIII. As I ever told you before, that the mass treatment and health education will be held this month, on May. And here it is!

The activities are included: Hygiene & Health Counseling, Treatment by General Doctors, Dental Treatment, and Distribution of Food packages.
Yes, all 4 in 1 social service!

The location was still very rural
Ocean of human! Around 400 peoples join this.
Hmpph, oke! My face was very very ugly here. I was grim. so heavy?
The staple foods for distribution
The dentists team
The solid team
Penguin doll and the teeth brush from the sponsor (Bank Ekonomi & Pepsodent), for the children who are not afraid to check their teeth! Chubby right?
 Photographers by: Hardy Chen and Adhi Pratama Halim

By following this activity, providing many lessons and valueable experience for me. I saw still a lot of peoples around us who are not as lucky as us. They can't eat the delicious food everyday, and even haven't the fees for health treatment for their families.
And I saw how the doctors and dentists team serve them with sincerity and love. The point is, trying to learn to appreciate life more.

We were very tired actually. But I'm happy become a social worker like this. I hope I can join the social activities again in another time. When I saw their smiles after that, are the best part. Yeah, Smile, Healthy, and Happy are ours together!

PS: Thanks for all donators, sponsors, participants, and the solid team. So this event can be very successful! Hopefully could be useful for all of us.

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