TRA 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Attended TRA (Temu Ramah Alumni) KMB USU 2011, on Saturday night at Paramount Royal Ballroom. The theme is "Jas Merah: Jangan Sesekali Melupakan Sejarah". Hmmphh, it makes me remember about Bung Karno.
Me as a subcommittee of consumption section. As the committees, we got the abundant foods. Siomay, durian compote, cakes, fruits, coffee, tea, and many others. That's too much! Whereas it was night, so I'm very glut.

Herbert, Rivera, Henny, and Me
As I thought previously, that the guest have become the fathers-mothers of alumni and also bring their children. They still look very trendy and stylish. But us? We should wear the black uniform of KMB. Hhahaa, not cool.
Looking at them, I hope someday I can gather with my old friends like this too, and telling all our success. Amen!

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