3 days holiday

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get a holiday for 3 days! From Friday to Sunday. Actually I feel less, but it's an occasion to refresh my brain from the crazy college. Although tomorrow we have to go to campus again again and study. Huaahh!

Went to Mikie Holiday with Intan, Valen, Arisma, Erda, Nurul, Amal, Ikhwan, and Nazim. You  know, this is my first time go to Berastagi. (Wow, finally I can go there after months of living in North Sumatera.) These are the pics:

The girls
Bungee Jumping

Cold but hot? Yess, very shiny there whereas it's windy. Freak! It makes our skin become darker. Wahh, I have to bleach it again.

And on Saturday-Sunday, I join 'saHIVa's training'. This is one of my campus organizations, for the people who care about drugs and HIV/AIDS. Got the new experiences, new challenges, new friends. And I has authorized as a volunteer of drugs XXVI generation. Hmmph, I like social activity actually, but I haven't really sure to become a volunteer here, because of many considerations. But I think, I want to learn before.

--->>> I got an invitation email from Mr. Adi Surantha (fashion stylist). An invitation for front row chair at Pondok Indah Mall Fashion Week 2011: Summer Fashiontastic on April 30th-May 8th 2011. Amazing! I think I'm not really a fashion blogger. I just love the arts, and fashion is one of them. Thanks anyway for the invitation sir, but I live far enough from Jakarta, so maybe can't attend the event. If only I was in Jakarta, I'll definitely attend! :)

PS: Happy Easter, guys! And of course happy egg hunting! 

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