This called LIFE

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yesterday in KMB USU, there was a great event. That's PPO (Pelatihan Pemantapan Organisasi), from the morning until afternoon. I've join this, although so tired and I was sleepy, but actually it was fun! The topics, games, and they also brought some great speakers, who gave us the encouragement.

Thanks for all senior committees who organized this event! No regret to join this.

# By the way, I've just received the information that my grandma had died recently. Sabbe sankara anicca. Huahh, I try to realize that, this called life, we'll never know when we lose someone. Even I couldn't attend her funeral, because of the tight schedule of lectures and also practicum this week. I hope she was quiet there and hopefully get a better life. Saddhu3x.

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