Survey the location and the lesson of it

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have a great journey today with Patria members. Surveying the location for a social event on May later, to Harapan Perak village.

At village hall, meet the headman

Yah, although the weather doesn't support us, but we still have the spirit to go on. The rain continues and so muddy!
We start on 8 am, and I was very sleepy actually, dreaming of my bed and pillow in my boarding house is so tantalize. Huaah! It's a far journey, you know. But I got the new experience of this.

First, we go to village hall, meet the headman to permit the event and asked for public data.
Then, we survey some houses of local residents. It's very concerned I think, where there are still many poor families, straw-roofed houses, bamboo matting, limited funds. And the healthy lifestyle here is still very very minimal, especially the system of MCK (bathing, washing, and toilet). There's still many houses which haven't the toilets, so they use a public toilet outside. The health facilities are also so inadequate.
Based on it, we are planning to hold a mass treatment on this May. There will also the health education for them.

From here, we can learn to better appreciate life, how to live more simply and not always complain of what we've got. Because there are still many peoples who are less fortunate than we are!

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