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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm so sorry before for this very very late post. Just for your information, I'm not 18 again now, but I'm 19! Heeheehehee. Waahh, so old I'm! Let's say: Happy birthday to me, on March 27th!

This is my first birthday without my families around and so far away from my home. They already called me the day before and congratulated it first. You know, it makes me miss them. But it feels not really bad, because I still have a lot of friends. And I think, I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends around me. Thanks to you guys, you've made my life more than just colourful.

See, how sadist they are feeding me one by one! Hhaha, but I'm very appreciate what you have done to me, guys. They make it very special with the cake and the gift. I'm so surprised seriously. What a coolest organizer to organize this my special event. Once again, thanks so much to Megawaty, Natasya Claudya, Henny, Indah Sari, Aryani Agiza, Evi Wijaya, and Valentine Purba.
Ohya, I got a great post too about my birthday in my senior's blog, Blog Fauzi. Thanks bang! I owe you a post. So later I'll make it for you too, hehee.. As you know, Bang Fauzi is the one of blogger in my campus and his writings are cool. Hmmph, I'll discuss it later, and you should visit his blog :)

And thanks also to all of you who send me the birthday greetings via sms, telephone, chat, fb, twit, even in directly. Can't to be called one by one, but I still remember clearly who are they. It's very very touching me, when I realized that apparently there's still many peoples who care about my born day. THANKS and THANKS and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

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