Branded or not?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Fashion doesn't have to branded.
Fashion is about how you can created and be creative on it!"
-- Dresiani Mareti --
Yess, the brand is not fashion. But how we can mix and match the stuffs that called FASHION.

I don't agree if there is a striking rich snobs. We often see many peoples displaying their luxury things, or talk about their wealth. They also spoke as though that they were very understanding about the various kinds of branded things. Huhh, talking with people like that is very boring, right?

For me, branded or not is not important. I never see the brand or special shop to buy something. If I like something then I'll buy it, wherever it is even though the market. The cheap things are not always bad, and the expensive things are not always better too.

Maybe the differences of them just on the quality. But I think for the style, quality is not really the number one.
For example, you have an expensive and branded handbag, the quality is good, even you can keep it until 10 years later. But, do you want to wear the same bag during 10 years?
Hhhaha, of course NO!
It's better if we buy the cheaper handbag and the remaining money we can use for the another handbag, right? So we get double handbag!

But one thing that you should remember: Keep in original!
We know that an ori is more expensive than the pirated. But in many side, if we are good at choosing, we'll definitely get the cheap and good stuffs.
Try to not buy the pirated things. Because when we buy the ori, it means we appreciate the makers.

It just my opinion, don't be sucks!

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