V-Day is Flour Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry for the late post, but I wanna say,

Last Sunday, I attended KMB's Sunday Event. Pray, more games, and gift exchange. Do you know that my gift is in Diana, and also Diana's gift is in me! Hhahaa, many people around, but we got each other! I give her the frame, and I got Cadbury Chocolate from her:
Diana and Me!

On Monday, February 14th, we had to 'chocolate exchange' too in FKG. Hehheee.
Thanks to Mega, Indah, Evi, and Pheity for the chocolates. Kurang kurang! hahaa.

Usually, peoples celebrate V-Day with their sweetheart. But me, just celebrate it with my friends, my beloved friends. Well, it's able to love anyone right? Not only with our boyfriend/girlfriend.
I wore: All in pink!
Pink pink pink!
The view looks like overseas right?
Hhaha, No, it's my campus!

By the way, V-Day is Valent's birthday! Hssstt, we have surprise for her.
FLOUR party! Hhahaaa.

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